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6 Tips to Survive Working From Home!!!

Photo By: Dillon Shook

If you are watching the news, then you know that things are changing daily. I understand the magnitude and the impact of the COVID-19. However, I am not talking about The Rona, at least not now! My immediate struggle is related to working from home. Prior to this, I have not worked from home at the capacity that I do now. I realized that I also had to begin supervising and supporting people who are now working from home, as well.

So, I identified some tips that may help those of us who have the luxury of working from home.

1. Practice integrity!

o If you are scheduled to be working, be sure that you are working. Yes, beating the system could be lovely for some… But at the end of the day, you will be setting yourself up for more work later! I’ll Pass!

2. Be sure to set some boundaries!

o Have at least one room or area that you do not do work in! I acknowledge that this tip may be a luxury. However, this will allow home to still feel like home. Maybe your bed is the only place off limits for work!

o Be sure to set timers to ensure that you are not overworking. Between 10-15 minutes before your “clock out” time, set a reminder to end your day.

3. Take breaks!!

o Don’t work yourself to the point that you are fatigued or overwhelmed. Give yourself a break between task, even if you need to schedule them. You may need to step away from your desk, as well. Get a glimpse of the Sun! If you can go near a window. try it or if you are brave go outside (not too far though).

o Make sure you are still eating! Implement a balance to decrease eating or snacking too much!

o Get moving! Move around to increase blood flow!

4. Stay connected!

o Just as if you were in the office, engage with your coworkers! The assumption is that you like them; so, I hope you like at least one! Ideally this could help reduce isolation or feeling alone. They may also provide support.

5. Create a working space!

o Identify what is essential for your workday. Provide a personal touch! In my office, I like to have a picture of my family and some scripture that reminds me of why I do my job. Yes, yes! You are home; but the work space is WORK! You want to be sure that you have everything that you need to succeed!

6. Lastly, self-advocacy is important!!

o Some places made a quick decision with having staff work from home, which means they may have not thought about what everyone needed. As you identify the essentials, make a list of the things your employer can provide to you. If your employer deems your request as “reasonable;” they may fulfill the request. The worst thing that they can say is “No.” At least you can say that you tried!

Leave a comment! Let me know what has helped you with working from home or your challenges with working from home.

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Chauncey Bond
Chauncey Bond
05 abr 2020

Great tips! My job isn’t easy to do from home. Administration recently made the decision that my position can work from home in some capacity. I appreciate the “self- advocacy” tip. I will definitely be using these as I begin to work remotely.

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